Design Department Application

Over the years, I’ve used just about ever project management application you can buy, rent, or install – and none have comfortably fit my needs. I needed something that worked within a fast GTD environment, but did not broadly separate projects and tasks as foreign entities. I needed quick and light collaboration with a group of any kind, and instant updates.

I set out to build my own within Bently Holdings, and the result is above.

I designed the user interface from Photoshop down to the html5/css3/jquery goodness. With a desire for speed, the backend was developed via Structured Abstraction under the leadership of Lakin Wecker. They continue to maintain our existing Django projects within my guidelines and design work.

The final model was utilized for over 12 different departments, and adopted company wide as a method for managing information. The logo is a play on the existing Bently Holdings I designed in 2005, customized for designer fun. Since this audience is on a modern browser, areas of depth and design are largely CSS3 without the use of images.