Amber Marie Bently

Throughout Amber Marie Bently’s career as a Jewelry Designer, I’ve been in charge of every advertisement, every marketing piece, every campaign from PR to Design. The result is an extensive set of work with over 100 designs ranging from Branding to Website Design.

Built as both a site for Amber Marie Bently press information & as an e-commerce showcase of her unique works of art, Amber Marie Bently Jewelry was a rush project built with advanced technology in mind. To focus the unique Jewelry, typography and layout is structured to frame the elegant photographs while adding for an unobtrusive purchasing experience.

For the developers- semantic, tableless, html/css was used, as I prefer. However, employees of Amber Marie Bently Jewelry needed the ability to upload new photos and content daily, and with the large background photo, which presented a few debatable scenarios to allow for easy managment with quick download speeds. Ultimately, I chose to avoid applying a unique background image for each Jewelry page (not only to avoid a slow download, but also to avoid a dynamic style sheet), and use complex CSS layering to accomplish the navigation transparency, overlayed typography and full size images in the html resting on the base. The elegant result is apparent in all modern browsers, with Internet Explorer 6 and under receiving a dumbed down graphical interpretation.